The Global Story

A Family Run Canadian Business for Over Four Decades

Working as a stockbroker, as well as a consultant in investment real estate, the founder of Global Royalties Vinson Hall, built for himself a solid base in the fields of finance and investments. He first purchased gemstones from a local gemmologist who had acquired them while travelling in Thailand. Here began his passion for precious gemstones and fine jewellery.

He established Global Royalties by first working from a home office. A few years later, he and his wife Gloria, who was now involved in the business, opened an office in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

In 1983, their son Brandon joined the family business as a sales representative. He learned quickly, and like his father, developed a great enthusiasm for the industry. Within a year, Brandon became the sales manager, and by 1985 he had purchased one third of the company to become its general manager.

The family team of Vinson, Brandon and Gloria together built the business until 1989 when Vinson retired and Brandon became the sole owner and president of Global Royalties Limited. Gloria retired from Global Royalties in 2009.