Compare to Paper Money

Since the dawn of civilization, natural coloured diamonds and precious gemstones have been coveted for their beauty and ornamental appeal. For millennia, they have been recognized as a solid store of wealth.

Compare this record to paper money

No paper currency in circulation over the past 50 years has held even half of its buying power. The US dollar has lost over 90% of its purchasing power since 1940. Many collectors consider natural coloured diamonds and precious gemstones a solid purchase only during times of inflation. In truth, precious gemstones are a hedge against any kind of economic uncertainty. History has shown that precious gemstones have served as a unique lifeline for mankind. As a "wealth of last resort", precious gemstones have been able to buy survival for many people. Used by many as a method to protect wealth, precious gemstones' unique properties have earned them the title of the "crisis commodity".

It's no wonder that many financial advisors recommend that investors place 10 to 20% of their assets in tangible assets as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.